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Creepy Eyes Be Gone

Reviewed Apr. 10, 2009 by Armin

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WGN America Logo, Before and After

One of the most infamous logos of 2008 — which not surprisingly made it to our worst section of 2008’s Best and Worst — is back for another round. WGN America, the only remaining “superstation” in the U.S. unveiled yesterday a new identity that attempts to put behind the weirdest eyes to pass as a logo in recent memory. Although, to be fair, they did drop the eye illustration at some point between its own unveiling and now. The new logo is equally baffling in its own right: Three rounded-edge squares, skewed to come together hold some poorly mishandled default slab serif on top of a clashing rounded geometric sans serif. Sigh. There is nothing pleasing about this logo with so many dissonant elements mixed together. Maybe, if they keep up this pace, third time is the charm a year from now? Further reading on this story can be found here.

Thanks to Jay Mann for first tip.



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