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Every[blank] Every[blank]™

Everything Everywhere

What do you get when you combine two of the biggest telecommunications companies in the UK? The answer is fairly straightforward: You get everything, everywhere. And that’s exactly what the new parent company, starting operations on July 1, 2010, will be called. Everything Everywhere™. It will represent the new 50:50 joint venture of France Telecom (owner of Orange) and Deutsche Telekom (owner of T-Mobile) in the UK market to establish itself as the leading mobile service provider with a combined 30 million subscribers. However, to keep things interesting, both Orange and T-Mobile will continue performing as separate brands, each with their already established brand, but behind the scenes it will all be Everything Everywhere™ — a press release has further details. According to this story in The Guardian, the moniker was “developed by the merged company’s internal team with help from T-Mobile’s ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi and Orange’s agency Fallon, both of whom are part of Publicis.” Since there is two months left before the launch of the new company it will be interesting to see if this trendy but, ultimately, uninspired wordmark — typeset in Neutraface Italic — will remain as the corporate identity or if there is something a little more fitting or, heck, at the very least more bombastic, for these two big brands. I guess we should be lucky we didn’t get another Continental/United-style mashup.

Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere Chief Executive Tom Alexander.

Thanks to Matt Robinson for first tip.



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