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Everything but the Stadium Sink

Reviewed Aug. 10, 2010 by Armin

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Melbourne FC Logo, Before and After

Melbourne FC is one of the oldest teams in Australian rules football, with a tradition dating as far back as 1859. It celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. That’s a lot of footballs kicked, bounced and caught. Melbourne FC is also a venerable champion, having won 12 championships in the Australian Football League, their last one in 1964. The twenty-first century hasn’t been kind to the club, with on- and off-field lows. The most distracting being a $5 million debt the club dug itself into through a variety of circumstances around 2008. Last week, however, Melbourne FC announced in a fundraising event that the debt had been cleared and, to celebrate, or just coincidentally, they unveiled a new emblem designed by Melbourne-based R-CO.

The striking new emblem, featuring the MFC logo, Southern Cross, ball, trident and flame, will be launched in November. A watermark of the original rules of the game from 1858, written by Melbourne, is also featured in the background.
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Before proceeding it would be beneficial for you to see a crafty interactive video the team has put together that explains all the different elements of the logo. The one positive thing I will say about this logo is that it went the full monty in trying to include as much as possible, it is unapologetically complicated and visually verbose. But that’s where the positivity ends. The logo is a messy stew of elements that has one (or seven) too many ingredients. They are all at least competently and consistently executed but there are just too many of them and it’s even more painful in contrast with the old logo which was a very elegant abstraction of an “M.” For compulsive hoarders of visual symbolism this logo is a winner, for the rest of us, it’s an eyesore.

Thanks to Simeon Griggs for the tip.



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