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Follow-Up: Science Channel

Reviewed Jul. 1, 2011 by Armin

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Science, Follow-up

In April we reported on the new logo for Discovery’s Science channel, nicknamed Morph and sporting some killer animations. Well, the animations just got killer-er as Imaginary Forces (IF), in a project led by director Ronnie Koff, has taken on the on-air look for Science creating themed promos, network IDs, and logo bugs (almost literally). Based on the logo, designed in-house by Discovery Communications, IF was tasked with capturing “its personality and maintain a sense of surprise,” as well as “creating an authentic, emotional set of characters for the network. To make it unexpected, unique and systematic at the same time.”

Spot introducing the logo, with ‘tude.

Montage of on-air graphics.

As one would expect, the motion work from IF is great, and it has added a great layer of creepy-cool ickiness to Morph that makes it pretty memorable. Unfortunately the animations that had originally surfaced of Morph in April are now gone but it’s nice to see that IF’s work is a steroid-pumped evolution of that work. On the new work there seems to be a lot of emphasis on the little crawly robot so I hope it’s just one of many morphed personalities as the real potential of this identity is that the logo can be anything. As far as I’m concerned I could do with more jelly fish.

Science, Follow-up

Inspiration materials.

Science, Follow-up

Early render of the robot bug.



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