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Foster’s Brews New Image

Reviewed Aug. 11, 2011 by Armin

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Carlton United Brewers Logo, Before and After

Established in 1907 with the union of Foster’s Brewing Company, the Victoria Brewery, the Carlton Brewery and three other Melbourne breweries, Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), owned by Foster’s Group, is the largest brewer in Australia with a portfolio that features over 20 beers that includes their own brews as well as licensed beers like Corona. CUB is the main focus of Foster’s Group, which also dabbles in cider and spirits. This past July Foster’s Group announced that Carlton & United Breweries would change its name to Carlton United Brewers and introduced a new logo for CUB as well as for itself.

The new name is paired with the slogan “Raised in Friendship”. This is the theme of CUB’s central belief: if more people raised a beer in friendship the world would be a better place.

“Breweries” has been updated to “Brewers” to better reflect CUB’s people who underpin the success of the business, as distinct from the buildings in which they work.

Refreshed logos for both Foster’s and CUB complement the new name and beliefs and reflect a business with an exciting future. The key element of the new CUB logo is a raised ‘U’, to emphasise the word “united” and symbolise a glass raised as a gesture of friendship.
Press Release

Carlton United Brewers

Carlton United Brewers

Bigger view of the explanation above here [PDF].

If you look through this video (sorry I can’t embed it), you’ll see that CUB has long had a monogram that locks up the (two or) three letters and it has evolved quite organically from the typically ornate monograms of the early twentieth century to the less than flattering blue serifs of the 1980s coming full steam into the soft sans serifs of the twenty-first century. The latest incarnation is the slickest and by that I mean it’s the gradientest. Probably also the least readable too. Even though it’s obvious it says CUB, the U, raised or not in friendship and unity, becomes muddled and oddly jointed with the neighboring characters. The overall shape jives better with CUB’s flagship beer, Foster’s, and its recognizable “O”. In general, the new logo feels decently contemporary. Not amazing or totally convincing, but decent.

Carlton United Brewers

As a bonus we have the new logo for Foster’s Group itself. The old one was laughable. From the terribly rendered floating glasses to the lock-up to the type choice. The new wordmark is a no nonsense approach that works well for a parent company. The “O” in the same shape as the CUB logo is a nice touch and the gradient helps make it stand out, even if I would have left it alone and just have a nice, clean wordmark. To finish getting you in the mood for this review check out another unembedable video at CUB’s home page on their new name and approach.

Thanks to Jordan Gillman for the tip.



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