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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2016 by Armin

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After a long string of restaurants, we finally have a restaurant-free selection of Friday Likes with work from New York, Saint Paul, and Barcelona.

Social Innovation Week by Aurelio Sánchez

Social Innovation Week by Aurelio Sánchez

Social Innovation Week in San Francisco, CA, aims to introduce new methods and concepts through workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and more in innovation, design, and creation across five sectors: energy, design, food, culture, and the environment. The identity designed by New York, NY-based Aurelio Sánchez is fairly gratuitous in that there is no evident link between subject matter and design but if you are going to go that route the design better kick ass, which this does through stubborn repetition of stuff. The use of a single font weight makes this work very well and the three icons add enough of a graphic punch to break the monotony of the words. The balance in size and amount of type along with the color palette is all very nicely, socially managed. See full project

Mr. Mak’s by Werner Design Werks

Mr. Mak's by Werner Design Werks

Mr. Mak’s is a new range of traditional Chinese ginger bao (broth), a longbrew made with organic ginger and ginseng. The drink and company carries the name of its founder, Mr. Mak. Saint Paul, MN-based Werner Design Werks designed both the packaging and the identity for the company, with the latter being what caught my attention the most. Pairing contemporary sans serif typography and a range of wordmarks and monograms with Qing Dynasty meridian charts in a striking palette of red and blue adds up to a funky, lively combination. The letterhead (shown in the header image of the post) is presented in a super thin paper and the business cards each come in a glassine envelope where the ink smears beautifully. And those envelopes are killer. See full project

Glorioso by Requena

Glorioso by Requena

Glorioso Super Nutrients in Girona, Spain, is a line of superfoods, offering additive-free, certified-ecological, vegan, and gluten-free products like chia, spiraling, goji, and açaí, among others. Designed by Barcelona-based Requena, the identity revolves (literally) around a range of abstract circular motifs that, individually, are not particularly impressive but, when put together as a system for representing the myriad seeds and powders sold, it becomes a delightful combination of colors and shapes. The stark-white bags play a big role in making this look as lively as it does and while all the photos above show empty, flat bags you can see them in action on their Instagram account that also showcases how nicely these all work as a family of products. See full project

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