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Reviewed Apr. 7, 2017 by Armin

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A food-driven collection of crisp projects this week, with work from Lima, Berlin, and Monterrey.

Primos by Paloma Nieri

Primos by Paloma Nieri

Primos Chicken Bar is a rotisserie chicken joint in Lima, Peru, where the chicken is a rock star (figuratively speaking) and where they have dedicated a wall to faux concert posters with chicken motifs. Designed by local designer Paloma Nieri in collaboration with creative director Roni Heredia, illustrator Israelo del mundo de papel, and letterer Lu Nolasco, the restaurant is a wild mix of chicken illustrations and lettering that makes eating rotisserie chicken quite exciting. Keeping all the disparate elements together is the condensed Primos wordmark and a Bauhaus-meets-AC/DC chicken icon that surely knows how to take things up to 11. See full project

Feiner Herr by Sebastian Haus and Hojin Kang

Sebastian Haus and Hojin Kang

Feiner Herr is a food truck roaming the streets of Berlin, Germany, serving modern takes on the pancake. Far from the IHOP aesthetic, the identity designed by Hamburg, Germany-based Sebastian Haus and local Hojin Kang, brings to life the name (which translates to “Fine Gentleman”) with a Bauhaus-meets-Downton Abbey logo that makes for a great spokesman. The crisp, geometric icon is complemented by a series of Art Deco, abstract-pancake tiles that provide lovely textures and things to ogle at while you wait for some fluffy, high-end pancakes. See full project

Winter Milk by Anagrama

Winter Milk by Anagrama

Winter Milk is a chain of ice cream shops in Monterrey, Mexico, that has just gotten a Bauhaus-mee… no, sorry, it doesn’t work on this one. Designed by Anagrama, the identity has a deliberate Wes Anderson vibe with a lot of spaced-out Futura and a peppy color palette. As usual, the typography all around is great, with some complementary script and condensed Futura variations thrown in for good measure. Most of the identity elements are straight out of 1950s diners so there is nothing new per se but everything is so well calibrated and modernized that it’s hard not to enjoy it. See full project

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