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A pretty wide variety of styles and approaches this week, with work from Paris, Seoul, and Gothenburg.

Mamie by Violaine & Jeremy

Mamie by Violaine & Jeremy

Mamie is a new restaurant in Paris, France, opened by star chef Jean Imbert. Part of what makes the restaurant unique is that it’s a collaboration with her 92-year-old grandmother. Another part is the lovely, typographic-driven identity designed by local firm Violaine & Jérémy that turns an Art Deco aesthetic up to 11 with a custom alphabet and a number of stand-alone lettering pieces. My favorite is the one on the menus and business card with the letters sloping up and down — I love how the left leg of the “A” dips just enough. The accompanying illustrations and supporting typography are all great as well, adding up to a sophisticated and warm set of materials. See full project

Building Role Models by Content Form Context

Content Form Context

Building Role Models is a small group of women architects aiming to empower and tell the stories of female architects in Korea through publications, conferences, and their own work. The identity, designed by Seoul, South Korea-based Content Form Context, revolves around the idea of expanding and uses a set of sans serif typefaces ranging from condensed to extended to build dense compositions of typography that can be used fairly abstract as in the publication covers or as the bricks to jagged “BRM” compositions. The bold energy of the compositions is accentuated by a hot pink accent color that looks great against all the black and white density. See full project

Ride & Crash by Lundgren+Lindqvist

Ride & Crash by Lundgren+Lindqvist

Ride & Crash is a video game company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that aims to bring together music, artistry, and gaming culture. Their identity, designed by Gothenburg, Sweden-based Lundgren+Lindqvist, adds a little bit of artistry with a great logo that tears “RIDE” and “CRASH” into two pieces that retain the original torn-paper texture. The two words can be used closed together or widely separated yet always remain readable. The stamp approach is not new but these are big-ass stamps and that makes them extra awesome. See full project

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