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A wide variety of styles and clients this week, with work from Sabadell, Guadalajara, and Hong Kong.

Minyones de Terrassa by Xavi Miranda

Minyones de Terrassa by Xavi Miranda

Minyones de Terrassa is a performance group in Barcelona that specializes in human pyramids, which sounds like a made-up thing but, nope, they “occupy a leading position among the more than sixty groupings that currently exist” (emphasis mine) as they state. They ARE pretty amazing (emphasis mine). The identity, designed by Sabadell, Spain-based Xavi Miranda, seems so obvious after he arrived at the result but it’s so perfectly clever and an infinitely satisfying typographic interpretation of what the group does. It’s the kind of design solution that would need to be included in future editions of A Smile in the Mind. The selected sans serif is perfect with its “M” where its middle point touches the baseline, making it perfect for stacking and it’s the one identity where the trend of repeating the same line of text is actually meaningful. Overall, MMMM MMMM MMMM, delicious. See full project

68 Lenguas by Estudio Albino

68 Lenguas by Estudio Albino

68 Lenguas (68 Tongues, as in languages) is an artisanal mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico, where there about a hundred other artisanal mezcal brands. This one stands out for its logo and packaging designed by Guadalajara, Mexico-based Estudio Albino. I am particularly in love with the logo that references Mixtec art in a unique way by embedding a “68” in the eyes of a human/animal mask. The logo is complemented by a mix of of eccentric typefaces — that blackletter “68” has me doing the rock and roll hand gesture — all laid out neatly and with plenty of white space in the label. I would buy this for the paper wrapper alone. See full project

The Drawing Room and St. Regis Bar by .Oddity Studio

The Drawing Room & St. Regis Bar by .Oddity Studio

The Drawing Room and the St. Regis Bar are located in the luxury St. Regis hotel in Hong Kong. The identity, designed by local firm .Oddity Studio, establishes an elegant and high-end visual language that creates a unified yet distinct look for each of the two establishments, sharing a penchant for elegant radial lines and geometric motifs and patterns with everything deployed in gold foil stamp over a selection of sumptuous colored cloth covers. There is a design rationalization at the project page but I’m perfectly okay without it and just looking at the result. See full project

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