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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2014 by Armin

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Plenty of soft color palettes today with work from London, Austin, and Madrid.

Soap Industries by SocioDesign

Soap Industries by SocioDesign

What you see is what you get: “1930s industrial insignia, pastel colours and metallic foils.” That’s how London-based SocioDesign dutifully describes the elements of their work for Soap Industries, a digital and mobile development agency. (No word on what’s going on at their domain but there sure ain’t no insignias, pastel colors, or foils going on in it at the moment — but regardless…). Fueled by great print production the otherwise simple layouts are transformed into a stunning identity. See full project.

Fresa’s by Arts and Recreation

Fresa's by Arts and Recreation

Although I have eaten at Fresa’s (delicious) and driven past it (hundreds of times) I only recently (Wednesday) found out who designed it (Austin, TX-based Arts and Recreation). All parentheses aside, what makes this identity great is the physical application of it, with actual paint on the walls and windows. Arts and Rec also gets right a lot of the unsophisticated vernacular of Mexican design just like Fresa’s gets what a torta is. See full project.

Easy-Code by Tatalab

Easy-Code by Tatalab

I have a confesion to make: I have no idea what’s going on in the above, what it means, or what it’s meant to represent but goddangit I like it, I like to look at it, and I like liking it. Designed by Madrid-based Tatalab for local firm Easy-Code, who specialize in the weirder and dorkier aspects of interactivity for web and screen displays, the identity presentation is full of mostly gratuitous shapes and long shadows that might mean something. I can’t justify their existence anyway other than they look cool. The rest of the PHP-style typography is fine and we’ve seen the HTML structure used before so that part is okay. I just like me the colored gewgaws. See full project.

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