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Reviewed May. 16, 2014 by Armin

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An all-over-the-place selection of minimal and crazy work from Leeds, Barcelona, and Vancouver.

Wigan Little Theatre by Sam Lane

Wigan Little Theatre by Sam Lane

Located in Wigan, a town in Greater Manchester, the Wigan Little Theatre seats about 230 people for its myriad productions and events. Based on a previous logo that looked more like a Greek building, Leeds, UK-based Sam Lane created a groovy new wordmark by abstracting the old logo, splicing it in half, and rearranging the resulting shapes. Quite lovely and brilliant. The resulting wordmark led to more geometric-form illustrations and a simple black-color palette on colored paper. Minimal elements, creatively pulled together. See full project

Comaxurros by Lo Siento & Brosmind

Polyester by Comaxurros by Lo Siento & Brosmind

A churro, for the uninitiated, is fried batter in the shape of a skinny banana, ridged longitudinally, for your pleasure. One of its miracles is that a churro can be filled with anything from chocolate to milk caramel. Comaxurros (Eatxurros) is a new churreria (or xurreria) in Barcelona with a Cartoon-Network-Adult-Swim vibe to it, designed by local firm Lo Siento and illustrated by Brosmind. The wordmark features a monoweight rounded sans with bit-off ends that look like unfinished churros. A fun concept. But where the identity gets extra gooey is with the whimsical and perverse illustration of Brosmind that puts churros in all sorts of compromising, delicious situations. See full project here and here.

CAPTIVATE by Mustaali Raj

Captivate by Mustaali Raj

I rarely post student work on Friday Likes but the thinking and execution of this project from Vancouver-based student Mustaali Raj is really good. Imagined as an initiative to facilitate collaboration among the different disciplines and areas of study at Capilano University, CAPTIVATE is a series of icons, one for each faculty, made from individual icons, one for each school, that, together can be assembled together to make a new icon, specific to the collaboration at play. Some of the core icons like School of Performing Arts are literal, a music note, while others, like School of Social Studies, are more abstract and they coalesce in even abstract-ier shapes but captivating ones, nonetheless. It’s a smart system with striking visuals and even the imagined applications look quite hot with the bright green and jarring red accents. Mustaali is presenting his project to the university board for implementation. They should. See full project.

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