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Gimme an “m,” now Gimme an “m,” now …

Reviewed Aug. 24, 2009 by Armin

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Meredith Logo, Before and After

From very modest beginnings in 1902 by Edwin Thomas Meredith with the publication of Successful Farming, Meredith Corporation is now the “leading media and marketing company serving American women” with more than 20 subscription magazines — like Ready Made, Better Homes and Gardens, Fitness, and (my favorite) Wood — as well as 12 local broadcast stations from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR across Fox, NBC and CBS, plus a booming marketing and strategy consulting business that takes advantage of all these channels. (How awesome and convenient that the founder’s last name is the first name of a woman? You can’t really ask for a better twist). With an absurd, old logo the need for a new identity is pretty obvious.

Meredith Logo, Detail

To help visualize its evolution, Meredith is introducing an updated corporate logo. It features four interlaced letter “m’s” that reflect Meredith’s ability to distribute content across multiple platforms and bring to bear all its marketing services capabilities on behalf of clients. The colors, typeface and fonts are inviting, social and friendly, all attributes that align well with Meredith’s brands and culture.
Press Release

Designed by Lippincott, the new identity is colorfully refreshing and vibrant. The icon, despite clearly being an “m,” becomes a great abstract emblem that can become immediately recognizable. It also tells the perfect story: multiple channels coming together to create a whole. It may seem elementary, but it undeniably hits the spot. The typography is simple, although to some it might be downright boring and for the Gotham/Avenir haters it just plain offensive, but it lets the logo be the center of attention. From the logo to the collateral materials, the new identity strikes a good balance between portraying a certain softness and establishing that they mean business, so where most women-focused corporations end up looking like bad pharmaceutical products, Meredith succeeds.

Meredith Brochures

Brochure covers.

Meredith Press Materials

Press kit folder and materials.

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