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Gmail adds a Touch of Make-Up

Reviewed Nov. 19, 2010 by Armin

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Gmail Logo, Before and After

Since its launch in early 2007 Google’s Gmail service has become one of the most popular online e-mail programs offering whale-sized storage allowing users to keep e-mails in the realm of gigabytes, whereas its competition early on allowed for mere megabytes. I tried to find the number of Gmail users but found conflicting information: It’s either 170 million users or 36 million. Either way, that’s a lot of. Earlier this week, Gmail made some changes to its log-in page as well as some tweaks to its logo.

Gmail Log-in, Before and After

Like most Google design changes, the modifications are subtle. So subtle that it’s impossible not to ask, why bother? The new Gmail logo now has the same finish as the Google logo, reviewed here, where the bevels are less harsh and the overall feel is softer. Colors are different too, neither version nicer than the other. The position of “by Google” has gone from left-justified to right justified. The biggest change might be the M-mail icon, which is wider. Overall, the changes make Gmail more integrated with its parent brand but that’s like saying that the son of Frankenstein looks more like his father everyday.

Thanks to Geoffrey Sorensen for first tip.



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