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Go Joe

Reviewed Jan. 30, 2013 by Brand New

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Joe Logo, New

Launched at the close of 2012 by telecommunications company SFR, Joe Mobile is the latest in a growing family of second generation mobile providers in France. Joe’s offer is unique enabling you to customize your subscription to match your changing needs in text messaging, call time, and internet data capacity. The new brand and video by Paris-based Leg Agency is all about accessibility, flexibility and fun.

Joe Mobile Logo

Joe has a central ‘cockpit’ concept, allowing you to take control of your subscription and personalize it at will. Fabienne Torrès-Baranes, Public Relations manager for Joe says: ‘Concerning the name Joe: Joe can be you, me, him’. ‘The operator becomes part of the community’. ‘It is a reflection of a generation who know what they want: independence, to be in control of their lives, and what they don’t want, too’. ‘It is simultaneously a name, a symbol and a state of mind’.

Brand introduction video. In French but easy to get the point.

Joe Mobile Logo

Joe Mobile Logo

SIM cards.

In the somewhat uninspired brand landscape of mobile phone providers, the second generation of subsidiary brands are changing the playing-field — see the uninspired logo for Joe’s parent company, SFR. They offer flexible subscription schemes at considerably lower cost without annual contract commitments. Joe communicates all that is positive about this new breed of mobile telecom brands. Joe is fun and friendly, he could be your best buddy. He is simple, easy and smiley — he reminds us of Pac-Man and the happy face. He is child’s play, which is exactly what the this service is all about.

Joe Mobile Logo

The circular Joe characters reference dials, time and volume, which is at the heart of this flexible concept where you can dial up the capacity you require with the flick of a finger. At the centre of the service is the ‘cockpit’ where you take control of your needs allowing you to personalize your subscription at will and in real-time from your mobile phone or computer. The launch video features a fun animation that communicates this customization idea using the circle shape to create faces, coins, speech bubbles and much more. Joe is rendered in a positive, bright cyan blue, communicating optimism. ‘Elementary and without artifice’, ‘Identifiable and radical for an over solicited public’ says Leg. I like him, he speaks to me, and am ready to change mobile provider just on the basis of this brand identity.

Joe Mobile Logo

User interface sample.

Paul Vickers is a corporate branding, product branding and packaging Creative Director and Consultant with extensive international experience at six of the world’s leading agencies: Pentagram London, Design Solution London & Paris, Interbrand New York, Dragon Rouge Paris, Desgrippes Gobé Hong Kong & Tokyo. Paul is British, bilingual and lives in Paris.



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