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Gold Coast 2018 Bursting at the Seams

Reviewed Apr. 10, 2013 by Armin

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2018 Commonwealth Games Logo, Before and After

First celebrated in 1930, the Commnonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event that occurs every four years and hosts athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations — 54 member states originally part of the British Empire — taking place in one of their cities. Certainly not as popular as the Olympics, but it is a significant sporting event for athletes and host cities. In 2018, the XXI Commonwealth Games will be played in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The emblem for the 2018 games was unveiled earlier this month and was designed by WiteKite (no website available).

2018 Commonwealth Games Logo

The underwhelming history of Commonwealth logos since 2006 when they started using the equally bad Commonwealth Olympic-rings-wannabe torch thing (officially, the Commonwealth Games Federation Flag).

Inspired by the iconic soaring skyline and stunning ocean side location, this graphic is bursting with youthful vibrance and energy, providing a fitting invitation for all to come and experience the joy of competing in such a wonderful place. The clear reference to such a unique landscape and location provides the perfect backdrop to promote the spirit of athletic endeavour.

The design features a heroic burst of athletic energy, full of the dynamism of elite competition, yet open to the warmth and spirit so unique to the ‘friendly games.’

Centred upon fluid representations of a gymnast, a hurdler and a swimmer, it reflects the depth of heritage and deep humanity of the Games as this young and vibrant city prepares to welcome all to its shores.
The Brand Story (PDF)

2018 Commonwealth Games Logo

Logo explanation and process video. Favorite moment, at 1:29, “The writing is fluid, by writing in the sand.” Then write it in the sand!

2018 Commonwealth Games Logo

Emblem unveil on April 3, 2013.

2018 Commonwealth Games Logo


2018 Commonwealth Games Logo

More merch.

2018 Commonwealth Games Logo

Retina-burning merch.

While it’s obvious the Commonwealth Games have tried to establish a modus operandi for each edition’s logo much like the Olympics — the equivalent of the logo having to include the Olympic rings is that it must include the Commonwealth Games Federation Flag — the results have been anything but memorable or iconic. Quite the contrary, all have been fairly awful. And this latest iteration isn’t much of an improvement. Despite having the right intentions and the proper concept and ambition in place, the final emblem is an awkward blend of far too many things: The Gold Coast skyscrapers! A swimmer! A hurdler! A gymnast! Land! Sea! Sun! It’s unfortunately not an appealing graphic to look at. The only saving grace for it is how it’s used in animation, like a crystal wind chime that catches reflections and shows glimpses of the athlete figures as it spins; it’s still crudely executed, but there is something there. The wordmark in the logo is pleasant and the swooping “2” has a nice effect, but the supporting fluid-drawn-in-the-sand font — not sure if it’s custom or out of the box — (that you can see in the PDF linked in the quote) is far too unsophisticated for such an event. Somebody needs to step up — at the organization level — and lead the Commonwealth to better branding.

Thanks to Cale Davis for first tip.



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