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Here Fido, Good Fido

Reviewed Nov. 7, 2008 by Armin

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Fido Logo, Before and After

Fido, a Canadian cell phone provider, owned by giant Rogers Wireless, has recently launched a new identity. Surpassing the old child’s play logo of cut paper and mangled typography would not be hard, but this new playful logo is quite welcome. The name is pretty great and it was certainly underused in the previous version, and without being cloying or overly cute, this new logo is simple and friendly. I guess you could draw the little dog house a hundred different ways and many of them would be appropriate, but I do like the unfinished doodle they selected. And the typography isn’t bad although unlike other large corporations I think this would have benefitted from a more bubbly sans like Kodak or Xerox. But other than that, I put my paws together for this one. Apologies for the tiny logo, but it’s the only image available Thanks to Evan Cancelliere for pointing me to a bigger logo.

Thanks to Gray McCarty and Marko Savic for the tip.



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