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In Brief: 76ers, What’s Old is New Again

Reviewed Jun. 24, 2009 by Armin

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Philadelphia 76ers Logo

As a basketball fan, there is nothing more I love than the idea of Old School basketball with, say, Julius Erving and his sophisticated dunking in mind. And, sure, I’m a sucker for vintage NBA logos so it was pretty fun to see the Philadelphia 76ers announce that they would be reverting to their glory-days-logo and away from their overdesigned logo. “We are connecting the past with the future,” says the press release, but let’s just call it “we are going retro, because the merchandise will sell like pancakes.”

Philadelphia 76ers Logo

The new logo is nearly identical to the old one, except for a bolder 6, which was surely changed to perform better on all sorts of production techniques. Old logo in blue, new logo overlays in yellow, so anything that’s green remains the same.

Thanks to Eric Lohman for first tip.



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