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In Brief: May Miscellany

Reviewed May. 23, 2013 by Armin

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May Miscellany

Haven’t done this round-up in a while and I could use a little break from all this heavy-duty identity critiquing. So here are some interesting stories.

1. 2013 Logo Trends

May Miscellany

The 2013 Logo Trend report from Logo Lounge covers some of the stuff we’ve loved to hate over the past year, including the “Crossed” (shown above) that isn’t just pretty according to LL: “The X formed by these elements signifies a level of heritage normally associated with a pair of crossed swords. It’s a technique that lifts the regal nature of the client it represents and implies a certain sophistication even if it’s a pair of crossed plungers.” Other interesting trends are “Eyelet”, “Written” and “Line Craft”.

Thanks to James I. Bowie for the tip.

2. University of New Hampshire Presentation

April Miscellany

The University of New Hampshire has been working with Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv to redesign their identity and, in a strange case of public sharing, they have released (sort of) a taping of Tom Geismar and Sagi Haviv presenting three identity contenders. The video can be watched on vimeo using “unhwildcats2013” as the password. For further reading, this story has all the sordid details, including C&G&H’s $100,000-fee. I wonder if the presentation was taped so that when the eventual shit hits the fan and students complain about the logo change and due process they can show them this.

Update 8:55 am: Ah, too bad, they have removed the video altogether. I wish they would have kept it, it was an interesting look at the process. Sorry to all the late risers who missed it.

Thanks to Jonathan Steinberg for the tip.

3. New Handicap Symbol

Since last year, a group of academics at Gordon College, a small Christian institution in eastern Massachusetts, led by Brian Glenney (shown in video above) have been promoting a more active handicap symbol to replace the helpless-looking symbol we see everyday. This story covers how this effort might soon get a big boost as the New York mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities “plans this summer to begin putting the new logo all over the nation’s largest city,” and a variation of the symbol — with arm stretched out, hailing — will be used on a new line of taxis designed to accommodate people with disabilities.

Thanks to Rebecca Knowe for the tip.



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