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It is high! It is far! It is caught at the wall.

Reviewed Sep. 2, 2007 by Jonathan Selikoff

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MLB All-Star Logo, Before and After

Dear New York Yankees,

I love you. Let’s get that clear from the start. It’s unconditional. I loved you when you traded for Ken Phelps I loved you when you finished in last place in 1990. I loved you when George was banned, and still loved you when he came back. So I hope you understand that what I’m going to say is said out of deep embrace than of callous embitterment. I can’t be bitter; I’m not from Boston.

So, here’s the deal: your all-star game logo, for the final, wonderful year of Yankee Stadium, sucks.

I know, I can hear you defending it until you are blue in the face. “It’s got pinstripes! And The Facade�. It’s pure tradition. Like the Yankees are tradition. It’s even got Trajan. How much more tradition can you get? You see Trajan and you think of Roman legions, sculptors creating monuments to imperial battles, the trains running on time! Ok, forget that last part. But it’s tradition. We’re no hippies like those folks in San Francisco. You know, the place that stole another NY team over 40 years ago.”

Ok, ok, ok. I get your angle. Yes, tradition. Here’s a great tradition you should try: beautifully drawn illustration. I’ve got no beef with the pinstripes or the facade. This logo HAS to have the most famous baseball landmark in history. But does it have to be so boring? It’s so little. And static. The facade on the pre-renovated Yankee Stadium encircled the entire top of the upper deck. How about showing a little of that curvature and dimension? This logo could have been all about The Facade, the way SF’s logo was about McCovey Cove. Instead, it’s just a little measly part, a utility player, if you will.

And can we talk about those swooshy borders? Wouldn’t a nice simple oval have worked? I don’t recall the interlocking NY needing any swooshes around it. It looks like the words “All-Star Game” are trying to burst out, like they’re bulking up on steroids or something. Oh, I shouldn’t have said the S-word. Did I mention I still love you?

Let’s discuss that Trajan. I didn’t realize the all-star game was a movie. Because that’s the movie typeface. It’s got no place in baseball. It’s so overused, it should be put next to Comic Sans and Mrs. Eaves in the Typographic Hall of Shame. (And no, Mrs. Eaves was not DiMaggio’s pet name for Marilyn.) Look at the beautiful art-deco typeface those west coast folks used for their logo. Nice, right? What about something to remind us of the era when Yankee Stadium was built? Not this faux-roman-we’re-in-the-movies thing.

I won’t belabor this any longer. I’m just disappointed. You are an icon of sports. And this logo is just, so, not ready for Monument Park.

With love,


P.S. I know I only have a small season ticket package, but do you think I’ll get some tickets to the home run derby?



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