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Just Jack

Reviewed Feb. 25, 2009 by Armin

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Jack in the Box Logo, Before and After

I don’t travel much to the West Coast, so my only face-to-face experience with the fast food chain of Jack in the Box is limited to one tasty burger back in the late 1990s and I remember it was quite satisfying. Despite it being a limited staple on the far-left coast and Texas, Jack in the Box seems to have a very strong brand presence throughout the U.S. with their regularly entertaining TV ads and big-headed Jack. Without much fanfare — nor an update to their web site and much less a press release — Jack in the Box has been slowly updating their restaurants in San Diego, where they are headquartered.

As far back as October of last year I received the first tip of Jack in the Box changing from Roberto Comparan in San Diego, alerting us to the new look, and since then people (thanks everyone!) have been sending in links — specifically to this story from December — and photos from Flickr documenting the change. By now plenty of Jack in the Boxes feature the new logo and a couple of days ago Duffy & Partners posted this item on their blog, confirming that a) they designed the identity and b) the new restaurants weren’t just Beta-testing a possible change.

The old logo had all the fixings of a classic American fast food chain logo: red and quirky typography. Plus years of equity. The new logo is a very contemporary departure from the original, which is par for what’s been happening to fast food logos, and the new, custom script is quite attractive and dynamic. And, pending a press release, I’m pretty sure the tail of the “k” is meant to be a smile. The old flat square has been replaced with a box seen from the front with a marked perspective on which the lettering wraps, and in the actual signage, the corner of the box sticks out, which is a nice detail. The biggest letdown is the “in the box” typography having a needlessly techie feel. Separating “Jack” from “in the box” appears to be a move to colloquially position the chain as just Jack, which I doubt will work, since Jack in the Box rolls nicely off the tongue — however, they do have one of the most awesome NASDAQ tickers, JACK, when they switched on December 15 from The New York Stock Exchange.

Jack in the Box Retail

Photo: Flickr user So Cal Metro

Jack in the Box Retail

Photo: Flickr user dlassotta

Jack in the Box Retail

Photo: Flickr user buzaw0nk

Jack in the Box Box

Photo: Flickr user becausemaybe

Jack in the Box Stuff

Image from Duffy & Partners’ newsletter.

Update: Thanks to Nate Voss for pointing out the materials on D&P’s newsletter, the image has been added.



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