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Kids in Brazil Get their Gloob On

Entertainment Jun. 19, 2012 by Armin

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Gloob Logo, New

Launched last week, Gloob is a children’s entertainment channel created by Brazilian TV powerhouse Globosat, a network of 38 channels. Aimed at a pre-school audience, Gloob — an anagram of “Globo” (which translates to both balloon or globe) and pronounced Gloobee — will show animated series and movies. The logo and on-air application were designed by Globosat’s in-house team, led by Manuel Falcão. Additional 3D animation was created by Rio de Janeiro-based Seagulls Fly.

With the defined name, we started to build brand graphics aiming to express the main characteristics of the personality of the channel and our public: cheerful, curious, colorful, playful, and irreverent. We went through many paths to reach the present form of colored letters in the form of blocks, with different proportions, and in apparent imbalance. We wanted a fun and exciting brand.
Interview with Ricardo Moyano, creative coordinator of Globosat’s art department

Gloob Logo and On-Air

The moment that defined visual identity would be based on the infinite white background color and 3D elements, we knew we were entering a vast world of brands that use similar language (Btvision, Nick, Syfy, etc.…). Our goal was to express the attributes of the channel clear and neutral, since we do not have characters or other figurative elements in our identity. We seek to differentiate ourselves and gain personality through the human side, children interacting, playing and being part of the brand, following the concept that Gloob is our world, the world of children.
Interview with Ricardo Moyano, creative coordinator of Globosat’s art department

On-air montage.

It’s hard to not like this. The cheerfulness of the letters, the children, and the animation is far too contagious. First of all, I love the name, especially as an anagram that came from a big, serious parent company to create an utterly silly name. The logo is a fun 3D rendering with minimal shadows and textures that works not because of the quality of the letterforms — which are hard to get wrong since there are so few of them and they are so simple but the “G” and the “b” seem to come from very different families and weights — but because of their stacked arrangement, ready to tumble any second. It looks like something a kid would do with building blocks. The on-air look, as the interview above addresses, does occupy some of the same visual language and attitude of Nickelodeon and Syfy but it manages to feel fresh and different by bringing in kids to interact with life-size letters, giving it a less “slick” look than that of Nick or Syfy. The animated 3D idents, in the video directly below, render the logo in different textures and objects, showing the potential for this logo to flex and expand. Overall, the new identity is fun and perfectly age-appropriate, modestly building on an established TV language that could perhaps soon become too easy or clichéd.

Details of idents.

Gloob’s theme song, a duet by legend Gilberto Gil and best-selling singer Ivete Sangalo.

“Making of” video.

Gloob Logo and On-Air



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