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Like Every Other Logo

Reviewed Jun. 25, 2013 by Armin

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Mobilink Logo, Before and After

Established in 1994, Mobilink is the leading telecommunication service provider in Pakistan offering voice (mobile) and data (internet) services to more than 36 million subscribers. This month Mobilink introduced a new logo, designed by Wolff Olins — led by its Dubai office — and a new tagline in Urdu, “Har Dil, Har Din” that translates to “Every Heart, Every Day”.

Mobilink Logo

Old family of logos.

Whilst retaining a sense of Mobilinks heritage through the letter M in the orb, the main inspiration of this newly launched visual identity reflects leadership, innovation, togetherness and positivity. The core idea of the transformation is “Being One,” reinforced by being your link to “a bigger, brighter, better everyday.”
Wolff Olins blog post

Mobilink Logo

New logo detail.

It’s almost unfair to show this telecom brand after yesterday’s telecom brand yet, in part, I am showing this one today on purpose because it shows how two contemporary firms can arrive at drastically different (i.e., good/bad) solutions in the same category. The old Mobilink logo wasn’t too hard to improve upon as pretty much everything about it was wrong, from the Playmobil toupee-like “M” on the sphere to the extended italic. The new logo isn’t as wrong but it is amazingly derivative of dozens of globe/marble logos out there, from Wolff Olins’ own Ericsson to AT&T. This one, according to their blog post, is meant to evoke an “M”… which would make it one of the least readable “M”s since Movistar. Beyond lack of originality, the logo and identity have a big lack of, well, Wolff Olins-ness. There is just no surprise, no narrative, nothing to make it stand out. Perhaps it does stand out in Pakistan, but I don’t know if that’s either the case or the right reasoning for this kind of work. The new typography is sort of interesting but the overly tight tracking makes any details hard to appreciate.

Mobilink Logo

Mobilink Logo

Mobilink Logo

Ad style number one.

Mobilink Logo

Mobilink Logo

Ad style number two.

TV spot using the “har this, har that” narrative. Logo animation in the last 10 seconds.

In application is where the logo and identity suffer most. It’s just so generic and annoyingly badly executed. The swirls around the people, with the cheap overlay are just not pleasant or fun to look at and the coiling red streams on the other set of ads makes me think of old landline phone cords more than anything. Either Wolff Olins dropped the ball on this one or someone dropped the baton when this got passed from concept and prototypes to rollout.

Thanks to Najwat Rehman for the tip (and language assistance). He also has a more local take on the redesign at his link.



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