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Linking Design with Academia

Reviewed Mar. 17, 2007 by Brand New

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Portland State University Logo, Before and After

Guest Editorial by John Feldhouse

It’s refreshing to see an academic institution embrace and invest in a new identity — and in local design. Portland State University (PSU) recently unveiled their new mark created by Portland-based Sockeye Creative, Inc..

Beginning in January of 2005, PSU began conducting audits, surveys, and meetings to clarify the image of PSU. Much has changed since their old wordmark was created so the update to the identity had to best represent the past, present, and future student body, faculty and staff. In February of 2006, Sockeye Creative was brought on board to create the new identity.

The new mark is simply beautiful. It connects the university to the people: diverse, urban, community-centered, and educated. The mixture of typography with the interlocking PSU creates a very pleasant and functional mark. The mark utilizes a clever treatment with the serif and sans-serif typography which reflects the diversity of PSU. The interlocking mark also shows the strength and unity of the university. The application of the mark is very handsome as well, out in the world and online.

Portland State University Logo, In Use

Portland State University Logo, Online

Portland State University Logo, Online

Portland State University Logo, Online

Portland State University Logo, Online

To learn more, see the timeline of events [PDF] or view the press release.

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John Feldhouse graduated from Auburn University in 2005 and is currently working at Radiant Systems, a technology company based in Atlanta, GA.



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