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My Little Logo

Reviewed Sep. 14, 2009 by Armin

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My Little Pony, Before and After

Although I am, or well, was, more of a He-Man, G.I. Joe, and Transformers kind of kid, I’m certainly not above acknowledging the ubiquity of My Little Pony as a popular toy for girls (at the time, obviously, with cooties). I’m probably not alone in having tortured a My Little Pony with any of the aforementioned manly action figures. But unlike these other 1980s boyish relics — 3d wizardry-driven movies of the latter two notwithstanding — My Little Pony has kept evolving over more than 25 years, adapting not only its design and packaging for contemporary kids but also by redrawing the features of the ponies, keeping them relevant to today’s aesthetics. If you played with them as a kid you may not like how they have evolved, with their super eyelashes and red carpet-ready manes, but check with the demographic and I am sure you will find them combing those manes.

Recently — I’m not sure when since I don’t keep up with My Little Pony news — a new logo has been introduced for them. And surprisingly enough, where more visual kitsch could have been added it has been removed. Losing the multi gradients and cheap looking dimensionality, the new logo is simpler and better integrated. The “Pony” lettering might be too obvious with the tail of the “y” acting as a tail, but it frames the word nicely, and the “my little” typeface is a better choice than the previous Hobo-esque one. The two-color approach on the logo seems better suited for packaging where other elements, including the Pony itself, can be the ones providing the color stimulus. The result is an almost knowingly acknowledging of a more sophisticated and discerning buyer. (Who still has cooties!).

Thanks to Cenate Pruitt for the tip.



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