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New Capitalization and Logo for JOANN



Noted Aug. 15, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 1943) “For nearly 75 years, JOANN has inspired creativity in the hearts, hands and minds of its customers. From a single storefront in Cleveland, Ohio, the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer has grown to include more than 865 stores across 49 states and an industry-leading e-commerce business. With the goal of helping every customer find their creative Happy Place, JOANN serves as a convenient single stop for all of the supplies, guidance and inspiration needed to achieve any project or passion.”

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While modernizing its look, JOANN is staying true to the core mission of its founders, as showcased in its recently released brand manifesto and a new customer feature series. From a master seamstress whose favorite music is her sewing machine, to a social knitter whose stitches mend hearts, to an apparel entrepreneur who employs refugee women, the new JOANN brand highlights the wide range of customers who find contentment and fulfillment by creating.

JOANN press release

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New Capitalization and Logo for JOANN
Short-lived interim logo in use earlier this year.
New Capitalization and Logo for JOANN
New brand video.

I always appreciated the built-in hyphen in the old logo that clearly aided in the enunciation of the name as “Jo. Ann.” and looked crafty and homey in a way that fit the stores quite well. To start with, the new official name isn't “Jo-Ann” anymore but “JOANN” in screaming all uppercase, which is a very odd thing to do for a store that's supposed to be friendly and accessible. For me it also changes the enunciation to “Joan”, which is a major branding problem. The good news is that the logo is nice and brings back the wavy crossbar of the “A” — as it disappeared for a brief period of time. The logo change and new brand video actually do a great job of establishing JOANN as a store for all ages and interests with, perhaps, a hint of setting up the retailer for a younger audience, like, “Old ladies, ‘you are welcome’, but young crafters with tattoos and an Etsy store are our new you”.

Thanks to Jake Barry for the tip.

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