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New Logo and Animation for Today Show by Ferroconcrete



Reviewed Sep. 17, 2013 by Armin

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First broadcast in 1952, and the first of its genre, TODAY is a daily American morning television show that airs on NBC. Through its team of well-known hosts that include Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and (now) Carson Daly, TODAY covers news, entertainment, weather, lifestyle segments, live music shows, and a bunch of other stuff that have to fill in four hours of air time each day. TODAY, currently averaging 4.5 million viewers, was the number one morning show for a long time but was recently bunked by ABC’s competitor, Good Morning America, and sandwiched in with CBS This Morning on third. Yesterday, TODAY — ha! — introduced a new logo designed by Los Angeles, CA-based Ferroconcrete.

We took the personality traits of TODAY: optimistic, uplifting, energetic, human, and expressed it by distilling the iconic Mark. This modern, optimistic evolution expands upon the functionality of the logo mark, and evokes the morning sunrise. The mark allows secondary typography to interact with the logo with brief, insightful messages.

To expand personality across the many segments on the TODAY show, the sunrise mark playfully transforms itself, unifying the show’s many diverse categories and segments and provides a cohesive system across all media platforms.

Ferroconcrete case study

New Logo and Animation for Today Show by Ferroconcrete
Logo detail.
New Logo and Animation for Today Show by Ferroconcrete
Logo variations.
“Wear more orange” animation.
Weather animation.
Travel animation.
New Logo and Animation for Today Show by Ferroconcrete
Before (top) and after (bottom) views of the set. Further reading on the importance of orange for the show in this story.

This is one of those logos that is never going to change. It will evolve, sure, but a full-on change is not going to happen. With that in mind, the new logo is the perfect kind of evolution that makes the logo more readable at any size, easier to display across mediums, and simply more manageable. Although I have to admit the rainbow approach of the previous logo was kind of pretty and the yellow in it signified more of a sunrise. But, per the image and link above, it seems that going orange was part of the directive.

The best part about the new logo is the ability for it to be playful and transform into different things, like an umbrella for weather and a suitcase for travel segments. It’s a light and fluffy idea that will depend on the TODAY graphics team to not get overly cute and “creative” with it. In moderate dosage, it’s a great twist on the logo. In animation, the logo can start to look too much like an RSS icon with its pulsating waves — although it’s not necessarily a bad thing, since TODAY is about broadcasting. Overall, Ferroconcrete has infused some welcome personality and attitude to what has been an otherwise bland identity for many years.

Thanks to Zac Cosner for the tip.

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