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New Logo and Identity for Assembly by Focus Lab



Noted Mar. 4, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2013) Assembly is a platform that enables anyone, anywhere to openly collaborate and build real businesses together. Assembly enables software products (apps, services, etc.) to be built like open source projects. When a product earns money, it goes to the contributors who built it. When anyone contributes to a product (whether by submitting code, copy or design), she will earn App Coins. Each product has its own App Coins, and anyone who owns them is entitled to portions of the app’s revenue.

Design by

Focus Lab (Savannah, GA)

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The Brand Strategy round set up a solid concepting round, where the design team honed in on "flags" as a solid direction. New nations rally behind their flag, the visual representation of their independence, a unifier of many, and the hard-fought result of revolution. The concept carries well for Assembly, a revolutionary platform that rejects the company and uplifts the creating power of individuals who come together. Exploring signal flags led us into the world of naval signals and into morse code. We fleshed out a look that combines code with banner-flags. The result was colorful, interesting, and highly unique.

Focus Lab project page

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New Logo and Identity for Assembly by Focus Lab
Logo detail and usage.
Logo process video.
New Logo and Identity for Assembly by Focus Lab
New Logo and Identity for Assembly by Focus Lab
Logo IRL.
Wood-shopping the logo.

Both old and new logos are perfectly acceptable solutions. The old one was more clearly about the assembling/manufacturing aspect of the community and it was competently done. The new one is more about the communication aspect and it works just as well. It's a more engaging logo in that the icon is very simple and playful while the wordmark is very directly related visually to it. The pattern is a cool extension of the icon and the real-life wood icon is charming.

PS. The title is morse code for "HELLO"

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