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New Logo and Identity for Butterfly Home by Interbrand



Noted Oct. 23, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2005) “The Butterfly Home is a safe haven, learning center and surrogate family for Nepali children with incarcerated parents. By protecting their childhood, we’re securing their future—equipping them for a successful and fulfilling adulthood, and to pass on their good fortune to their peers, community and the next generation of Nepal. Founded by Pushpa Basnet in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2005, our space is the solution to an immense challenge in Nepal—a law dictating that if children of incarcerated parents do not have relatives who can care for them, they must join their parents in prison. Though we’re known as the ECDC, we call ourselves the Butterfly Home. Our name tells the story of our ongoing impact—the ripple effect we have not only on children’s lives, but also in their families, communities, and the country of Nepal.”

Design by

Interbrand (New York, NY)

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Pushpa's efforts were immensely successful—she was even recognized as a CNN Hero in 2012. However, in April of 2015, a powerful earthquake struck Nepal and destroyed the Butterfly Home, forcing the children to live in unsafe and temporary housing—a situation made infinitely more urgent as the country's monsoon season approached. To protect her children, Pushpa needed to connect with people around the world and urge them to come together to help rebuild the orphanage.

We sprang into action to re-imagine the Butterfly Home brand—in 36 hours. We began with the idea of ongoing transformation: not only the change within one child, but the ripple effect they spark in their community. To visualize this, we brought a butterfly and house together, creating a new shape to serve as both a logo and graphic pattern. Finally, we created a vibrant palette of colors and textures to reflect Nepal's bright culture—and the children's joyful spirit. The system included new custom designed flags (The butterfly Home uses prayer flags to gift to donors and hang on their campus.)

Shortly after our identity launched in materials and storytelling, the Butterfly Home secured a 400,000-dollar grant to rebuild the orphanage, as well as additional funds to cover the costs for the children's nutrition, school and supplies.

Interbrand provided text

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Butterfly Home by Interbrand
New Logo and Identity for Butterfly Home by Interbrand
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for Butterfly Home by Interbrand
Icon detail and color options.
New Logo and Identity for Butterfly Home by Interbrand
Print materials.
New Logo and Identity for Butterfly Home by Interbrand
New Logo and Identity for Butterfly Home by Interbrand

This is a good project to end the week on a note of positivity: After the Butterfly Home's home was damaged by the earthquake in Nepal, Interbrand provided their services pro bono to help the organization reach donors and support more efficiently and convincingly with a quick identity exercise that transformed the previous home-made elaborate logo into a smart, simple icon that conveys the idea of housing and community while depicting an abstract butterfly. It's emotionally evocative and visually satisfying. The wordmark is fine and matches the boldness of the icon while the bright colors provide a sense of optimism.

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