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New Logo and Identity for CAOP by Mohamed Samir



Noted Sep. 3, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1995) “How can organizations respond to aging versus a balanced age structure? What can they do to prevent integrity violations? How can works councils properly assume their role in reorganisations, conflicts and renewal? CAOP (Centrum Arbeidsverhoudingen Overheidspersoneel, “Labor Relations Center Government Personnel” in English) is the knowledge and service center in the field of labor matters in the public domain. With knowledge and a high degree of professionalism, it supports organizations in solving labor (market) issues. CAOP also conducts labor market research and gauges employee opinions on current issues. It also supports three special chairs and facilitates discussions in various forms. More than two hundred clients in government, education, health care and the police use CAOP advice, services and products.” (Google-translated)

Design by

Mohamed Samir (Singapore)

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Driven from the brand strategy, we decided to keep the brand in its own authentic scientific positioning but we balanced that with some active and fun personality. By both knowledge and care, science and fun CAOP is achieving impact.

Mohamed Samir project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for CAOP by Mohamed Samir
New Logo and Identity for CAOP by Mohamed Samir
Logo in action.

The old logo was quite decent, with a stenciled serif wordmark that looked interesting and business-y. The new logo aims to imbue more meaning into the logo and I’m digging it. Even if it’s not perfectly clear what the message is, there are hints of connectivity, cause-effect, and diversification that are intriguing. The execution is really nice too, with the “A” maintaining the thickness of the rest of the letters and visual continuity. I wonder if most people will be able to read the name as CAOP… I think it’s feasible to believe so. The applications are a little bit on the gratuitous side of cool design for the sake of cool design but — guess what? — that’s some cool design. There is a lot of energy in the layouts, with a strong color palette, and some spiffy typography. Overall, I still have no idea what this organization does and I’m not sure how much the identity helps or hinders that but what it does well is making it seem like a lot of stuff is going on, getting done, and being connected.

Update: Unfortunately the client asked that the application images be taken off because they were not yet approved for application.

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Logo Before & After
Sample Application

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