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New Logo and Identity for Claris by Siegel+Gale



Noted Aug. 7, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1986, originally Claris, then FileMaker in 1998) “Claris International Inc., is a Workplace Innovation Platform that offers a suite of services for teams of a few to a few hundred who are stuck in a work rut that neither appliance apps nor enterprise systems can help them escape. The company’s service offerings, Claris Connect and FileMaker, allow problem solvers to quickly solve a universe of unique problems - even as they change. FileMaker is available in 11 languages and there are more than 1 million users under active subscription. Claris International Inc., is an Apple subsidiary.”

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Round and angular forms are combined within the symbol to express a human and approachable personality while also evoking focus and precision. The arrangement of shapes suggests growth from a central point. The open space in the center of the symbol speaks to the idea of starting with a clean slate.

The composition of the shapes creates an interplay of positive and negative space, which serves as a visual metaphor for innovation and for applying one’s ingenuity to solve problems surprisingly and unexpectedly. From the combination of positive and negative space, arrows emerge to suggest forward movement and agility.

The logo complements the Claris name and speaks to the idea of shining a light on what users are capable of achieving with the Claris platform. It is supported through a robust visual system that includes graphical elements, colors, photography, typography, and computer-generated artwork.

Computer-generated art supplements photography as key visuals representing limitless creative possibilities of the Claris platform. The artwork blends fluid forms with angular geometry to create dynamic and layered compositions, extending the visual language of the symbol to the design system.

Siegel+Gale blog post

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Claris by Siegel+Gale
Logo animation.
New Logo and Identity for Claris by Siegel+Gale
New Logo and Identity for Claris by Siegel+Gale
Hanging banners.
New Logo and Identity for Claris by Siegel+Gale
Single, also hanging, banner.
New Logo and Identity for Claris by Siegel+Gale
Flag, semi-hanging.
New Logo and Identity for Claris by Siegel+Gale
T-shirt, not hanging.

Whenever I hear “FileMaker”, which I admit is not often, I think of Mentos, the Freshmaker, which is a completely irrelevant part of this review other than to say, perhaps, the old name was kind of dorky. The new, legacy name sounds cooler and more techie without actually saying anything about making files. The new icon which, yes, knee-jerk reaction is Pac-Man multiplied, is actually a pretty cool icon with a nice depth to it as well as tension through the combination of circle slivers and diamond shapes. I can’t pinpoint exactly why but I like it. It’s like something you would find in one of those Eastern Block logo books. The wordmark is quite nice too, with a large x-height and a thinner weight than the standard-issue sans serifs of today. The applications are interesting to look at but a little confusing as to what they are… the computer-generated art reminds me of the stuff BCG tried to pull off but this is better and more appropriate. Overall, a fairly nice corporate-y redesign.

Thanks to Jonathan S for the tip.

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