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New Logo and Identity for Coronation by frost*collective



Noted May. 11, 2016 by Armin

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(Previously Coronation Property Co) “Coronation is a property development company based in Sydney, Australia. We are a collective of creative, passionate and forward thinking individuals who explore new ideas and seek better solutions to deliver landmark residential developments. Combined with our experience and holistic strategic planning, we continue to deliver cost effective projects on time and within budget. Our dedication and commitment to design and quality is unwavering and second to none. Our vision is not only to build residential developments but also to create vibrant lifestyles that are worth celebrating.”

Design by

Frost*collective (Sydney)

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With the brand manifesto serving as the backbone to the creative vision [— to be bold, confident, positive and inclusive —] the newly defined brand showcased the message of Coronation as a developer with a focus on community, quality and ‘a belief in something better.

The brand logo uses subtle design details such as the ‘C’ hugging the ‘O’ which symbolises the caring nature of the company and is a visual reminder that the brand aims to be approachable, inclusive and welcoming. The simplicity of a black and white palette serves to allow the imagery to be the hero with a focus on aspects of people and community.

Frost*collective project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Coronation by frost*collective
Animation from full wordmark to shorthand.
New Logo and Identity for Coronation by frost*collective
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for Coronation by frost*collective
Business cards.
New Logo and Identity for Coronation by frost*collective

The old logo was pretty nice; perhaps some spacing and kerning issues and a starting point that makes more sense would have been in order but I could easily see this as a new logo replacing something crappier. The new logo keeps the circle approach with a "Co" monogram that doubles as the start of the full word "Coronation" or as part of the circle to hold the name on a curve. The double-duty approach is clever and well executed but it comes with its caveats. In the full wordmark, the "C" feels too big; and in the shorthand version, well, I can't help but see a nipple — it's what happens when you put a smaller circle inside a bigger circle, especially with these specific sizing relationships. Nonetheless, as I've urged people to get past slightly juvenile reactions — Airbnb — I am happy to report that I can get past it myself and appreciate what a nice design this is. Not much in application, other than the logo on things and a rather brutalist business card that feels off brand, compared with the slick website.

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On Shorthand Version


On Application



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