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New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno


Noted Feb. 13, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 2019) “Introducing the brand-new Dorsia, the indisputable city guide that never goes out of date. Through careful tracking of influential voices, we curate a constantly-updated, searchable list of the best bars, restaurants, cafes, and attractions in cities around the world. Go to the places everyone wants to be before everyone is there. This is the ultimate resource before and during a trip, or for locals looking to discover a different side of their city. Our free and easy-to-use app saves you time and helps you make the most of your travels, so you can uncover what makes each city unique.”

Design by

ueno (San Francisco, CA, office)

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From the beginning, Ueno and Dorsia agreed we would create a strong brand who will not do as it's told — it’s a bit bourgeois punk, a real square peg. So we crafted a 'pinkies up' illustrative logo and a tragically hip, slightly naive, wordmark to go with it.

We used a type as voice approach, and chose GT Flexa by Grilli Type. It immediately became our ‘culture voice’ that sets the tone whenever it appears. We paired it with a delicious serif called Begum, which feels like a match made in heaven. Being a travel app that requires a lot of photography, we deployed a strategy of curated UGC images from Instagram, and paired them with complimentary city illustrations. Each city needed to evoke an editorial vibe — each with its own je ne sais quoi.

We’re delighted to see the brand and product come to life and cannot wait to tell no one about it. So here’s to the non-conformists, the democratic hedonists, to local globalism and the untourists. You can find us at that brunch spot nobody knows about yet eating our eggs sunny side up, with a dry martini in hand. Pinkies up!

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New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno
New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno
Color variations.
New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno
New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno
New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno
Icons and app.
New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno
New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno
New Logo and Identity for Dorsia by ueno

Named after the restaurant in American Psycho that drives Christian Bale’s character mad with its exclusiveness and impossible reservations, the app from the start drops hints that you are either in the know or you are not. The raised pinky finger icon is funnily pretentious and hints at the rather real discomfort that people looking for hip obscure places have when they realize those hip obscure places have been overrun by less cool people. Not that I would know what that feeling is like, as having 2 kids and running my own business from a tiny Midwest city, I have long given up on being in the know for anything hip when it comes to restaurants, galleries, or whatever other people do with their free time. But I digress. The illustrative icon is unexpected in the realm of travel apps, which makes it stand out and be memorable. Wordmark is nice and different too. In application, the quirky sans serif works quite well and has an interesting flair to it. My favorite part of the project might be the illustrations… great color palette and style — sort of on trend with the faceless people and line-art approach but they have a fun flow to them. Overall, all the elements come together nicely and do manage to convey a certain level of exclusiveness and uniqueness for the discerning seeker of new places.

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