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New Logo and Identity for Facebook Confetti by Ueno


Noted Mar. 29, 2019 by Armin

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(Launched 2019) Confetti is a new live trivia game that happens on Facebook Watch, Monday through Friday evenings. The show has a host and fairly modest production values. I’m sure there is more to it but there is no real “about us” page for it.

Design by

Ueno (San Francisco, CA, office)

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Facebook asked Ueno to create the brand identity and visual system from the ground up. The visual system would ultimately drive this new social experience. The branding influenced the production design of the set, motion for the background of the show and the overall tone for the live in-game experience.

Our biggest challenge was to create a brand that worked for both product UI and conveyed a live-action TV production quality. That is difficult. We determined the brand system had to work for interfaces but also be able to be opened up and filled with energy in production. We created a system of color gel lighting as the live on-set art direction to further enhance the theme of ‘primetime’ and a system of neon tubing for the environmental set design that shifted color in real time.

Facebook’s goal was to differentiate Confetti by creating a higher production value, a cooler host, and a more exciting experience. Ueno created a brand mark that literally felt electric and a visual language that felt fun and dynamic. The wordmark was created as a contemporary take on neon tubing. We wanted it to convey motion and pace, keeping the page alive to suggest movement even when it is static.

Because the game-show schedule was set to take place at 6:30pm each weeknight, it needed to feel fresh, electric and evoke a sense of ‘primetime’ and also needed to be able to work in day mode once the brand took off. Working closely with their internal team, Ueno created the foundation for the product UI, which included the launch screen, countdown timer, and key game play screens and interactions.

Ueno provided text

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Facebook Confetti by Ueno
New Logo and Identity for Facebook Confetti by Ueno
New Logo and Identity for Facebook Confetti by Ueno
Logo color variations.
Logo animation.
New Logo and Identity for Facebook Confetti by Ueno
New Logo and Identity for Facebook Confetti by Ueno
The game on mobile.

Visualizing the logo in my head without the neon glow effect, it’s a rather nice custom wordmark, especially that “C” and “O”. Normally I would say the neon glow effect is unnecessary but in this case it makes perfect sense as something that’s halfway between Candy Crush and traditional trivia, so the extra eye candy is perfect for the medium. The digital confetti that accompanies the logo is kind of cool too, with metallic glittery shapes (instead of just strings of paper or dots). The blue and rosy color palette also works well and, yeah, overall I think this is way better than it needed to be.

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