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New Logo and Identity for Hippodrome Theater by 160over90



Noted Dec. 2, 2014 by Armin

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The Hippodrome has grown from a tiny theatre group to the only professional theatre in the region. We moved from our 7-Eleven performance space on the outskirts of town to the historic Federal Building located in the cultural heart of the city, historic downtown Gainesville. We have created an adventurous combination of works, including World, U.S. and East coast premieres. From Tennessee Williams to Paula Vogel, the theatre unites our audiences with the nation’s most prominent playwrights on our Mainstage. Our Cinema Program presents first-run artistic films, independent films, film festivals and introduces film lovers to the world’s best filmmakers. Our educational initiatives take theatre into the classroom and bring students into the theatre. Student matinees, talkbacks, observerships, teacher workshops and playgoers guides connect our audiences with the powerful stories on the stage. Our classes and camps inspire creative thinking, teamwork, self expression and personal and academic growth. Our Visual Art Gallery features Florida artists in twelve exhibitions annually and is featured monthly in Art Walk. […]The theatre, which is open for public performances 340 days a year, attracts as many as 1,000 people to the downtown area each day. The Hipp provides the most extensive cultural programming in the region with 8 plays, 300 film screenings, 10 festivals, 16 Guest Artists Talkbacks, 12 visual arts exhibitions and hundreds of other programs annually.”

Design by

160over90 (Philadelphia, PA)

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Relevant quote
The Hippodrome identity is meant to be a catalyst of imagination by provoking questions such as: What's with the horse? Hippodrome is a Greek work meaning "horse" "race." In ancient times, people gathered in hippodromes to watch chariot races, a heritage that is represented with a classic, almost iconic, silhouetted image of a gracefully trotting horse.

This six-legged horse, which usually takes a second glance to notice, represents the Hippodrome's mission to alter the norm and incite questions and discussion. It also refers to the six founders of the theatre, the six pillars on the Hippodrome's historic building, and the Hippodrome's six operational service lines (mainstage theatre, cinema, education, art gallery, special events, and rentals).

The Hippodrome name is purposely obscuring the main body of the horse. It's a thought-provoking moment, prompting our viewer to use their imagination and complete the picture.

Hippodrome brand page

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New Logo and Identity for Hippodrome Theater by 160over90
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for Hippodrome Theater by 160over90
New Logo and Identity for Hippodrome Theater by 160over90

When I first saw this logo pop up in my inbox I thought "Big deal, it's a horse behind a word about horses". I didn't notice there were six legs until I read the description. Just like your brain fills in visual information when the expected and known pieces are missing (aka Gestalt) it also omits pieces that are extraneous. I know a horse has only four legs so when I see a horse my brain, by default, only sees four legs even when there are six. Long way of saying: I enjoyed the punchline and deadpan delivery of this logo while it also seems to fit the organization quite well. I really like how they have integrated the banner of the logo in the posters below. Fun job.

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