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New Logo and Identity for IBM iX done In-house


Noted Jul. 26, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2016) IBM iX is the design and consulting division of IBM, working directly with clients as a digital agency. In 2016 it acquired three companies — Ecx.io, Resource Ammirati, and Aperto — to make part of this division. IBM iX employs 15,000 “renegades and realists” in 35 offices around the world.

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In-house in collaboration with Moving Brands and C A T K

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New Logo and Identity for IBM iX done In-house
New Logo and Identity for IBM iX done In-house
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New Logo and Identity for IBM iX done In-house

If I didn’t know this was called “iX” I doubt I would have figured out that that’s what the logo is meant to spell. Knowing that, though, and assuming others that come in contact with this division of IBM already know that they are dealing with IBM iX, then it’s a pretty clever, abstract logo with minimal geometry that — again, if you know — reads perfectly clear. It’s a great-looking logo that works best in single-color vs. the gray values or the patterns or even the color versions. It goes well with the design legacy of IBM and hints at this being some cool, insider-y division for those that can afford it. Unfortunately, all the copywriting on the IBM iX website is a big turn-off full of magnanimous sounding jargon. The animation is totally gratuitous in a good way: it's slick, elegant, and groovy… and the business could easily do without it but it's a crisp way of showing off what they can do.

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