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New Logo and Identity for Kearney by Siegel+Gale



Noted Jan. 13, 2020 by Armin

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(Est. 1926, previously A.T. Kearney) “Kearney is an American global management consulting firm that focuses on strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues facing businesses, governments and institutions around the globe. Kearney maintains offices in more than 40 countries globally.” (Wikipedia)

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The identity was born out of the firm’s desire to bring their people to the forefront. It’s no longer about one individual but about the different characters that make up Kearney. We created a bespoke wordmark to capture that originality, and then used the characters to frame the crowd-sourced images. The result is a unique, contemporary, and ownable design system that’s full of personality and appeals to the next generation. Once we identified that players in the industry were starting to own specific segments of the color wheel, we realized it was time to move away from the overcrowded segment of predominantly-red brands. We introduced a sophisticated and timeless slate and white system with a new accent color of purple to highlight what’s most important.

Siegel+Gale blog post

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Kearney by Siegel+Gale

Logo animations.
New Logo and Identity for Kearney by Siegel+Gale
New Logo and Identity for Kearney by Siegel+Gale
New Logo and Identity for Kearney by Siegel+Gale
Type treatment.
Identity introduction. The few applications and identity treatments shown are better understood after watching this.

The old logo was very bland and in the most unappealing red possible. Dropping the “AT” — which stood for Andrew Thomas Kearney, the company’s founder — allows for a cleaner logo that doesn’t have to make a distinction between initials and last name and introduces a custom wordmark that’s loosely based on the 1960s logo of the company (which can be seen in the video above). It’s a pretty nice corporate wordmark with a couple of distinctive details in the horizontal elements of the “K” and “A” and a satisfying construction that allows it to thin in and out in animation. In application, each letter of the wordmark can be blown up to serve as abstract holding shapes and/or masks for photography — it’s a simple but interesting approach that yields some good compositions. The choice of purple as an accent color looks good and it does, for lack of a better term, pop. A big deal is made of the photography being shot by employees, so I’ll just mention it as well — it’s a noble idea, until those crummy phone photos come in. Overall, this is quite a nice corporate identity without trying to be too cool or too approachable or too anything it’s not.

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