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New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive



Established in 2000, Resource is a distributor of furniture with a curated line of transforming (literally, not metaphorically), space-saving, and complementary pieces to optimize any space through products like wall beds, expanding/contracting tables, and storage units, all sourced from European designers. With eight showrooms in North America (four in the U.S., three in Canada, and one in Mexico), Resource works directly with consumers, with interior designers and architects, and real estate developers and hospitality clients. Earlier this year, Resource introduced a new identity designed by Brooklyn, NY-, and Toronto, ON-based Executive.

The resulting brand design sought to stay true to the nature of Resource’s transforming collection, with the identity including three marks suited for different spaces.

Brand touchpoints incorporate a delightfully unexpected use of space, matched with a vibrant yet sophisticated tone.

Executive provided text

New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive
Logo animation.

The old logo managed to be both generic in its uninspired choice of Helvetica and depressing with its swatches of varying degrees of beige. It had a catalog-only vibe that didn’t quite support what I can only assume are high prices as well as not being representative of what is a rather nice collection of furniture. The new logo now reflects a design-driven, high-quality business through a simple and confident wordmark with not one but two clever twists: one, transforming the “R” into an abstraction of a contemporary chair; and, two, creating a space-saving logo that can contract and expand just like its furniture options. I absolutely love the “R”, it’s executed just right to read as both letter and chair and it works great as a monogram. I question the lowercase “r” that I get was maybe done that way to look like a table but it becomes a little distracting. Nonetheless, it’s great and I really enjoy the three “states” of the logo, especially as visualized below.

New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive
New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive
Business cards.
New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive
New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive

The applications are all quite nice with layouts that look like room diagrams, fitting the elements in different rotations as if they were maximizing space. The use of Colophon Foundry’s Transcript in its lighter weights looks crisp and contemporary while the color palette adds a warm touch.

New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive
New Logo and Identity for Resource by Executive

Overall, this is a great redesign that makes Resource look more like a viable alternative to something like Herman Miller instead of Rooms to Go and it becomes a more aspirational brand for its clients, whether it’s the affluent individual consumer or the discerning interior design firm.

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