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New Logo and Identity for Talabat done In-house



Noted Jun. 29, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2004) “Talabat is part of the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace family Delivery Hero. Founded in 2004 by a small group of entrepreneurs in Kuwait, Talabat’s success expanded to the rest of the GCC region & Jordan, making it the largest and most popular food ordering app in the region, connecting users to restaurants that cater to all taste buds. In addition to a directory of more than 5,500 restaurants to choose from, never-ending deals and offers, a secure and easy online payments, Talabat is the go-to platform for online food ordering on the Middle East.”

Design by

In-house at Delivery Hero (Berlin, Germany)

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Based on the new positioning, we defined the tone of voice to be likable, family-friendly, inclusive and smart. Talabat is a brand for everyone and respects the culture of the region. Talabat's visual identity is mindful of regional sensitivities, showing all citizens of the region equally — no alcohol can be visible, no tattoos are ever on show.

We redesigned Talabat's logo, replacing the dated, italicized logo with a clean, digital-ready upgrade, customized with FF Mark Pro. We modernized the color palette to reflect the friendly, accessible tone — with vibrant Sunny Orange as the primary color, complemented by the secondary shades True Petro and Calm Grey, designed for use across all product touchpoints, on and offline marketing channels.

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Talabat done In-house
New Logo and Identity for Talabat done In-house
Evolution from old to new… not sure what this animation demonstrates.
New Logo and Identity for Talabat done In-house
New Logo and Identity for Talabat done In-house
Brand book (titled Cookbook).
New Logo and Identity for Talabat done In-house
New Logo and Identity for Talabat done In-house
Livery and uniform.
Identity presentation.

The old logo wasn’t great — starting with the fact that the three “a”s are exactly the same and that shouldn’t be in what is meant to be a handwritten logo — but perhaps it could have served as the foundation to build a more unique and distinctive logo instead of simply typing out the name in FF Mark Pro, which makes it look like every other new logo for any company whatsoever. This could be a bank in Denver and it wouldn’t make a difference. The wordmark looks nice, no doubt, in part because the name has a great combination of letters, but there is really nothing to it or the identity. It’s just a typesetting job accompanied by good food photography. One weird, perhaps cultural-difference thing is naming one of the key colors “True Petrol”… I don’t know about folks in UAE but when it comes to food I don’t want to be thinking about petrol. The uniforms and bikes — despite the “GO” graphic — begin to look kind of engaging but that may just be because those guys look like an alright bunch. Overall, yeah, it’s all more professional, contemporary, and “digital-ready” but there is zero personality.

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Logo Before & After
Sample Application

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