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New Logo and Packaging for Emerald Nuts by GIRVIN



Reviewed Apr. 21, 2015 by Armin

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First sold in 2004, Emerald Nuts is a line of nut snacks offering almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts in a variety of presentations and flavorings — from trail mixes to cocoa roasted almonds to sweet and salty mixes. Produced by parent company Diamond Foods, Emerald Nuts hit a period of growth in 2007, in part thanks to its Superbowl ad featuring a mischievous Robert Goulet and is now sold nationwide at major retailers like Target and Walmart. With the recent introduction of resealable bag packaging, Emerald Nuts adopted a new logo and identity designed by Seattle, WA-based GIRVIN.

Update 4/23/15: Unfortunately, the design firm has gotten all weird about the positive attention and requested that the cool photos and typography images be taken down. Post will remain up for archival purposes.

New Logo and Packaging for Emerald Nuts by GIRVIN
Logo detail.

The previous logo looked almost like it belonged on a bottle of rum. Or the grill of an Italian car. Neither reference is bad, so it’s not a complete negative criticism. The gold-plated stroke, though, was a little much and the typography went from fine in the “R” to very weird as it blended with the oblong shape. The new logo is much more modern by removing the gold stroke, leveling the top, and going with a sharper, chevron-like holding the shape, making it easier to adapt the letterforms in the wordmark. The letters look sharp and strong and I really like how the stem of the “R” falls right in the middle. Even the tricky kerning with the “A” has been well resolved. The resulting logo looks fresher and while it may also look great on a bottle of motor oil I don’t mind on the outside of some nuts.

The pattern is a playful rendition of how cut emeralds look, making for a great visual element to use over and over while still seeming different in each use.

The custom type is okay, I would have also accepted Alternate Gothic as a solution.

New Logo and Packaging for Emerald Nuts by GIRVIN
Sample of old packaging.
New Logo and Packaging for Emerald Nuts by GIRVIN
Packaging, before and after.

The previous packaging had a duty-free airport look that tried to be upscale but really wasn’t. (Again, the fault of that golden stroke). The typography on it was all over the place too, with an overly expressive and swashy serif and some unfortunate hand-brushy type for the flavors. The new bags have a giant logo bleeding off the top, making them extra visible on the shelf and from there the pattern flows down with the obligatory real product shot and ends with a different colored pattern and some more engaging typography for the flavors and styles.

New Logo and Packaging for Emerald Nuts by GIRVIN
Packaging detail.
New Logo and Packaging for Emerald Nuts by GIRVIN
Some more variations.

The new look is really great; it makes Emerald Nuts feel more like a power snack — which nuts are anyway — and it’s a much more distinctive and unique design than other generic mainstream snack packaging.

Thanks to Stephen Mullinax for the tip.

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