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New Logo and Packaging for Mello Yello by United Dsn



Noted Jan. 13, 2016 by Armin

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Mello Yello is a highly-caffeinated, citrus-flavored soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company which was introduced on March 1, 1979 to compete with PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew.” (Wikipedia) Or: “The smooth citrus taste of Mello Yello has refreshed people’s thirst for over two decades. Its unique taste and confident, in-control style sets it apart from other soft drinks. Mello Yello highlights the smooth choices in life - because when you drink Mello Yello, everything goes down easy.” (Coca-Cola)

Design by

United Dsn (San Francisco, CA)

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Mello Yello press release

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Mello Yello has a new attitude that is audacious and powerful, and its new design is bold and unapologetic, to reflect the passions and pride of the loyal Mello Yello fan. Mello Yello is now sporting a black, dauntless “MY” logo across vibrant yellow packaging, and silver “MY” on black packaging for Mello Yello Zero.

Mello Yello press release

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New Logo and Packaging for Mello Yello by United Dsn
New Logo and Packaging for Mello Yello by United Dsn
Cans, before and after. (Although the current can on the market is a special edition that ran from August to December of 2015, featuring a camo pattern.)
New Logo and Packaging for Mello Yello by United Dsn
Can detail.

The hippy-happy-people name has given Mello Yello a light, fruity design for many years, until recently when it went after the manly, hunting, lumberjack, too-self-conscious-to-drink-Red-Bull crowd with a camouflage pattern. The friendly letters of the old logo and the pattern made for a surreal combination. Now, Mello Yello is dropping the mellow and going full-on with the energy drink aesthetic. And it works. The cans look absolutely bad-ass. The "MY" monogram stands out like a hunter wearing an orange vest and it even makes the can read as "My Mello Yello". The new logo is clever too and the double "ello" is perfect. Unfortunately, the "MY" in this configuration feels a little detached and there is too much counterspace in it. Still, a major improvement and a look that doesn't follow trends.

Thanks to Michael Beard for the tip.

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