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New Logo and Packaging for Smarties by Pearlfisher



Noted Oct. 25, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 1949) “Smarties Candy Company is owned and operated by three generations of the Dee family. On January 10, 1949, Edward “Eddie” Dee brought his family from England to New Jersey. Equipped with only two machines in a rented facility, he succeeded in founding Ce De Candy, Inc., makers of Smarties®, America’s favorite candy wafer roll. Smarties® are made 24 hours a day in two candy factories located in Union, New Jersey and Newmarket, Ontario. The company produces billions of Smarties® rolls each year.”

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For the first time in over a decade, Smarties Candy Company has changed its iconic logo. Since being appointed co-presidents of Smarties Candy Company in 2017, sisters, Jessica Dee Sawyer and Liz Dee, along with their cousin Sarah Dee, have given the almost 70-year-old company a complete brand lift. The company hopes to please both its steadfast and loyal fans while reflecting more modern aesthetics. It’s a delicate balance that wasn’t taken lightly by the three co-presidents, which is why they invested a year into research and development to the evolution of their iconic candy brand.

The new logo retains the red Smarties word mark within a colorful candy roll. Building from that time-honored foundation, the company updated the font, colors, roll design and silhouette.

Smarties press release

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Packaging for Smarties by Pearlfisher
New Logo and Packaging for Smarties by Pearlfisher
Roll packaging, before and after.
New Logo and Packaging for Smarties by Pearlfisher
Bag packaging.
New Logo and Packaging for Smarties by Pearlfisher
“#smartART” campaign images by Colors Collective.

While I prefer chocolate over any other kind of candy I have a soft spot for Smarties — once all the fun-size chocolates are gone from the Halloween haul it’s the only other candy I’ll consider — and even though I have eaten my fair share I had never realized that their logo was a rendering of their little roll which they then proceed to put on the roll itself. It’s so meta. The old logo had a vintage charm that played well with this timeless candy brand and, on deeper analysis, was surprisingly good, especially on the twisted ends of the plastic end. The Tuscan wordmark made no sense but it’s been there for so long that it doesn’t make sense to question it. The new logo is too… new. It now feels like any other kind of random candy with the more generic typography and cleaned up lines. The logo “works” better on the little rolls but it has lost a lot of charisma, even from something as simple as straightening the logo on the roll, whereas before it was tilted. The old bag wasn’t anything to brag about but I think it better communicated the lowbrow-ness of the product whereas the new bag maybe tries too hard to look fun and exciting. Even though I personally like the old packaging better I definitely understand the need to brand this for a new generation of consumers and I see the commercial value in the changes they’ve done that, to their credit, do keep what's recognizable about it.

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