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New Logo for About.com



Noted Sep. 18, 2014 by Armin

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Founded in 1996, About.com represents the best collection of expert, handcrafted content on the web, with more than 900 topic sites on everything from parenting and healthcare to technology, cooking and travel. A top 20 US web property, About.com is part of Ask.com, which is owned and operated by IAC.”

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In-house (I'm guessing)

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Introducing The New About.com (mostly about the website)

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for About.com
Logo detail.
New Logo for About.com
“a” monogram for social media icons.
New Logo for About.com
Various logo extensions.
New Logo for About.com
Inspirational header.
Introducing the new About.com

This is unquestionably an improvement not because the new logo is amazing but because the previous logo and about.com's identity over the years have been so poor. Despite going for the under-designed approach of sans serif in a circle, this is certainly the more designed about.com has ever been. Their web presence is relatively slick and part of its success is the simplicity of the logo. This is not the first or last logo that relies on a circle and at least about.com has been using a red dot in its identity for years so it's not completely gratuitous.

Thanks to Andrew Magee for the tip.

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