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New Logo for Asian Institute of Management



Noted Mar. 3, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 1968) “The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is an international management school. It is one of the few business schools in Asia to be internationally accredited with the AACSB. It was established in partnership with Harvard Business School and uses the Harvard Business School case study teaching methodology. It was described by Asiaweek magazine (a TIME publication) as the best in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of executive education.The institute was established in 1968 in partnership with Harvard Business School, the Ford Foundation, and visionaries of the Asian academic and business communities. It is located in Makati City, Philippines. AIM has a local board of trustees and an international board of governors.” (Wikipedia)

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AIM email announcement

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The Nexus, which our new logo is called, embodies and embraces fluidity, given the nature of our times. Yet it remains rooted in the heritage and guiding principles of our founders. As the shape of the shield morphs into the Nexus, AIM continues to serve as a focal point where business, government, and society converge, connect, and synergize.

The homage to legacy and heritage is most evident in the continued use of green and blue (honoring the critical contributions of De La Salle and Ateneo), and yellow. Those colors have taken on additional meaning, now also representing the land (green), sea (blue), sun and human spirit (yellow), which evoke our regional character. Purple, the only new color to our palette, represents the shared prosperity — social, spiritual, and financial — that these elements come together to produce.

The Nexus gives the school an energetic and vibrant identity, one designed to change and evolve in digital and non-digital applications, and to convey our ability to adapt and respond to challenges present and future.

The words “Asian Institute of Management” are at the center of these shapes, just as it continues to sit at the heart of what those shapes represent: business, government, and society.

AIM email announcement

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New Logo for Asian Institute of Management
New logo introduction. A must-watch.

The old logo was obviously not good but, to its credit, it managed to look like a school… perhaps a government-funded school as the badge looked like some kind of seal of approval. But, yeah, the globe graphic, the colors, the condensed Didone… just kind of cheap. The new logo feels a lot more like a private business school that is trying to keep up with the times… perhaps trying a little too hard. The wobbly shapes are pleasant to look at but in terms of concept it’s, well, wobbly at best and laughably ambitious at worse (as explained in the video). Calling it the “Nexus” doesn’t really help in taking it seriously as when I think of nexus-y things it’s more about precision and accuracy whereas here it’s some blobs that happen to overlap. The flexible wobbliness shown in the video is interesting but I’m not sure it’s the right fit for a management school considered to be in line with Harvard Business School. The typography, in DIN, is mostly fine, except the “MANAGEMENT” that’s, like 85% smaller than “ASIAN INSTITUTE” and kinda looks the same but kinda not and it’s stuck in that in between space where you can’t tell if it’s on purpose or your eyes playing tricks on you. Overall, better than the old by comparison but not overly convincing for the subject matter.

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