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New Logo for Balmain by Adulte Adulte



Noted Dec. 11, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 1945) “Balmain was founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. From the outset, Monsieur Balmain’s boldly feminine and opulent signature style offered a startling contrast to the utilitarian looks of the day, creating a distinctive, super-feminine DNA for the house, which relied on richly embroidered fabrics, nipped-in waists and longer, often fuller skirts—and quickly transforming the Parisian house into a favorite of both European and Hollywood royalty.” It currently operates 16 monobrand stores, including locations in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Milan.

Design by

Adulte Adulte (Paris, France)

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Balmain by Adulte Adulte
New Logo for Balmain by Adulte Adulte
New Logo for Balmain by Adulte Adulte
Full logo.
New Logo for Balmain by Adulte Adulte
Knit sweater.
New Logo for Balmain by Adulte Adulte

The old logo was nice and interesting with a thin-line approach to the Didone typography of yore for fashion houses. It probably had scalability and reproduction issues but those could have been solved technically through an evolution. Instead they went with today’s fashion uniform of black, uppercase, deadpan sans serif that surprises no one at this point. The typography is fine, I guess, but the sameness to everything else going on at the moment is appalling. They do have a new monogram… with slabs… and a very poorly hidden “P”. (If you don’t see it, it’s meant to be made from the inline in the stem and the top hole of the “B”.) (If you now see it but it looks like an ugly “P”, you are correct.) Big-ass belt buckle doesn’t even save it. The knitwear application, though, that starts to get kind of interesting but more on the merits of the knitting than the logo. Next!

Thanks to Joseph Cusenza for the tip.

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