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New Logo for BBC Stories by Studio Output


Noted Mar. 27, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2017) “BBC Stories is an exciting new sub-brand of the BBC News channel. It’s a ‘news plus’ service that delves deeper into news content, focusing on the people within them and behind them.”

Design by

Studio Output (London, UK) in collaboration with BBC Creative

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Working with BBC Creative, we created an identity perfect for the video format BBC Stories is built around and the social channels it inhabits. The cursor device reflects the constantly active nature of the brand, coming to life in logo builds, mid-cards and closers that encourage viewers to share content.

The result is a light but distinctive brand that makes an emotional connection though the stories it promotes.

Studio Output project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for BBC Stories by Studio Output
New Logo for BBC Stories by Studio Output
Shorthand version.
Logo animation.
New Logo for BBC Stories by Studio Output
Identity elements.
New Logo for BBC Stories by Studio Output

Using a writing cursor in logos is not the most original of ideas but here it works in an interesting way by creating a sense of expectation and a feeling of suspended animation as the cursor is “stuck” midway from finishing writing “STORIES”. It feels like you are watching the story, literally, unfold. But maybe I’m waxing too poetic. I guess I just simply like the logo, in part because I really like Grilli Type’s Cinetype, which is used for “STORIES”. The shorthand version only works if you’ve seen the full logo, otherwise “BBC S” is kind of ambiguous.

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