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New Logo for Bing



Noted Jan. 19, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 2009) Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft. It’s the second-leading search engine behind, obvs., Google.

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New Logo for Bing
Logo detail.
New Logo for Bing
Comparison with the old.

Whoah! Slow down there, Bing. Don't go all crazy and change everything overnight. The changes are minimal but significant enough to have an effect. The biggest change is the color, which is the strangest one as I feel like any equity that logo had resided in its bright yellow color that stood out from Yahoo's purple. Maybe it competed too much with Google's second "o", which is the one that repeats in the page numbers and is the yellow one. The new green now looks like Google's "l", so there is that. Anyway, the new color feels dowdy. The name now has a proper initial "B", which also makes it look dowdy. The old one at least had the slope of the icon cut into the stem of the "b". The new icon is wider and has lost the weird shape it housed in its counterspace, which I never liked but it's funny how you miss something when it's gone. Overall, not much improvement or effort to position it as anything more than second place. Still, anything is better than their original logo.

Thanks to Boudewijn Vermolen for the tip.

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