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New Logo for Bleacher Report done In-house



Noted Apr. 26, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2007) “Bleacher Report is the premier digital destination for millennial sports fans creating and collaborating on the culture of sports for the next generation of fans. Its vision for making sports bigger than games has led to unmatched engagement on social media, where it consistently ranks as a top publisher on each platform. Bleacher Report also provides an industry-leading fan experience on mobile devices through Bleacher Report, the top-rated smartphone and tablet app. Bleacher Report is a division of Turner Sports.”

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Brand microsite

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The B/R logo is designed in a 4:3 ratio with white letters (B/R) over a black “plate”. Please follow the following guidelines to help us ensure the best visual impact of this logo. The B/R logo is the primary logo to use over content (images, videos, graphics) and social media posts.

Brand microsite

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Bleacher Report done In-house
Monogram, before and after.
New Logo for Bleacher Report done In-house
Full logo.
New Logo for Bleacher Report done In-house
New Logo for Bleacher Report done In-house
Monogram underlying grid.
New Logo for Bleacher Report done In-house
Monogram with images.
New Logo for Bleacher Report done In-house
Commercial by Johannes Leonardo.

The old logo was fine for a web publication; nothing fancy (at all) but nothing offensive either, just some kind of sports, collegiate font. The new logo reflects the growth of Bleacher Report into a mainstream sports source with a much more defined and purposeful logo. The B/R monogram has been neatly updated into condensed, industrious letterforms connected by a half-slash, half-hyphen device that has a subtle dynamic upward motion as it follows the bottom of the “B” into the “R”. It’s a tight, cool unit. The wordmark uses the same font style and it’s fine… better than the old one for sure but it gets little air time in contrast to the monogram, which is getting most of it. Its crisp and bold letterforms work great to put it on top of images and it has excellent readability at small sizes. If nothing else, the new look has given B/R some extra swagger as evidenced by the video directly above. Overall, a great, solid update that builds on the equity of the original while improving graphically on every aspect.

Thanks to Ty B for the tip.

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Logo Before & After
Monogram detail

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