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New Logo for BuzzFeed News



Noted Jul. 23, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2012) “BuzzFeed News began as a division of BuzzFeed in December 2011 with the appointment of Ben Smith as editor-in-chief. In 2013, Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Schoofs of ProPublica was hired as head of investigative reporting. By 2016, BuzzFeed had 20 investigative journalists. The British division of BuzzFeed News is headed by Janine Gibson, formerly of The Guardian. On July 18, 2018, BuzzFeed News moved from a section of the BuzzFeed site to its own domain, BuzzFeedNews.com.” (Wikipedia)

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New Logo for BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News as it appeared in the main BuzzFeed website.
New Logo for BuzzFeed News
New Logo for BuzzFeed News
Some kind of cool collage.
New Logo for BuzzFeed News
Facebook header.

It’s hard to think about anything related to BuzzFeed as being a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist given that the BuzzFeed brand is best known for silly listicles but the times, they are weird, man, and the evolution of BuzzFeed News into a serious journalistic force is actually one of the least weird things to happen recently as far as news-related news goes. The old logo wasn’t so much a logo as a brand extension of the main BuzzFeed logo with a sprinkling of Newsweek. The new logo does away with the casualness of the BuzzFeed logo and instead treads on more of a The Guardian aesthetic with a sharp, serious-ish, bold serif. It’s a nice-looking wordmark — those “z”s are actually pretty bad-ass — but I find the red dot both confusing and distracting. I mean, it’s not bad… I just wonder why and what it’s there for, as if there is a not-so-hidden meaning I’m not getting. Not much in application, other than a couple of header treatments that are visually attractive. The website is fine; it feels like a cautious first step to see if this venture pans out before refining it more. Overall, it’s an elegant and safe first foray in breaking away from the BuzzFeed brand.

Thanks to Ty Blits for the tip.

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