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New Logo for CBS Sports



Noted Dec. 2, 2015 by Armin

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CBS Sports, a year-round leader in television sports, broadcasts a portfolio of events on the CBS Television Network, including the NFL’s American Football Conference; THE NFL TODAY, college basketball, including the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship; golf, including The Masters and PGA Championship; college football, including the SEC ON CBS; the U.S. Open Tennis Championships; CBS SPORTS SPECTACULAR, including track & field, auto racing and gymnastics. In addition, the division directs the CBS Sports Network, a 24-hour national cable network; produces Inside the NFL for Showtime; and partners with CBS Sports.com in creating a recognized leader among sports Internet destinations.”

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CBS press release

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CBS Sports announced today its new look, as the Network is changing its iconic CBS Sports logo for the first time in 35 years. The new CBS logo holds true to the Network's tradition while giving it an updated sleeker, more modern design.

CBS press release

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New Logo for CBS Sports
Logo detail.
How the logo evolved. That was totally my guess on how it happened. (Source)

Even though it's only a programming block within CBS, the CBS Sports logo has quite a lot of equity as it gets emblazoned on all broadcasts and can be relived in many classic matches — like this Lakers-Celtics 1987 game. It's hard to believe the thing comes from 1981… actually, not really. It looks fairly dated. The new logo drops the slabs, italics, and pretty much any other visual cue that might signify sports in favor of a more news-y logo. The subject CBS Sports covers is already sporty enough so maybe there is no need to add sugar on top of sugar but there is nothing memorable or iconic about this new logo. Nonetheless, it's competent and will probably have some snazzy graphics around it to liven it up a little.

Thanks to Michael P. Hill for the tip.

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