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New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand



Noted May. 12, 2015 by Armin

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CH2M (from 1971 to 2015 known as CH2M Hill) is an American engineering company that provides consulting, design, construction, and operations services for corporations, and federal, state, and local governments. The firm’s headquarters is in Meridian, an unincorporated area of Douglas County, Colorado in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area. The postal designation of nearby Englewood is commonly listed as the company’s location in corporate filings and local news accounts. As of December 2013 CH2M Hill had approximately 26,000 employees and 2013 revenues totaled $5.88 billion.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

FutureBrand (New York)

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Relevant quote
The redesigned logo is colorful in a sea of corporate blue. It is flexible, expressive and friendly — unlike anything else in the industry. The logo echoes the brand's human essence in its expressiveness and playfulness. But its mathematic design also honors the company's engineering prowess, perfectly balancing CH2M's personality and its capabilities in one simple, friendly mark.

Futurebrand provided text

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New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand
Logo detail.
New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand
Brand book.
New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand
New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand
Sign prototpye.
New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand
New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand
Sample guideline pages.
New Logo for CH2M by FutureBrand
Booth. Not the most flattering photo.
Introduction to CH2M

This is the kind of company that I love learning about from writing Brand New. A massive engineering firm with more than 25,000 employees and never heard of it before. Also, while there is little to no information about the redesign it caught my attention by how unexpected the new logo is (and how atrocious the old one was!). The script approach is the first thing that feels fresh where one would expect a bold sans serif to convey the solid-ness of a company that builds. The lowercase spelling of the name takes it further from convention, perhaps to a negative degree where it's hard to read: chtwo-em? The uppercase version at least made it clear(er) it was an acronym. Nonetheless, I find the wordmark rather appealing and really appreciate the gamble on doing something different at this level of corporate-ness. (There are some additional line-art illustrations peppered throughout the website that are okay but so generic that they barely register).

Thanks to Josh Miles for the tip.

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